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The PDGA EuroTour is a championship series of 8-10 leading events across Europe promoting international competition and qualifying players for EuroTour bonuses and awards.

Each PDGA affiliated European country will be invited to participate on the PDGA EuroTour and to identify one of its leading events or the National Championships as its EuroTour event.

There are thousands of players playing disc golf regularly and around 100 competing internationally. Biggest events draw more than 200 players and money purses that exceed 10.000 EUR.

The 2012 PDGA EuroTour consists of 8 events hosted by the Netherlands (EuroNorth), Denmark (EuroNorth), Switzerland (EuroSouth), Norway (EuroNorth), Finland (EuroNorth), Belgium (EuroSouth), France (EuroSouth) and Italy (EuroSouth).

For players in the Open, Women, Master and Grandmaster divisions the top 4 event points will be counted towards their overall EuroTour position and the bonus payouts. Up to 3 of these events can be in one half of the continent, meaning either the EuroNorth or the EuroSouth. However, in order to count in the EuroTour standings, a player’s 4th event must be in the other half of the continent. A minimum of 3 EuroTour events must be played in order for a player in these divisions to qualify for the bonus payouts, with at least 1 event played in each half of the continent.
In Senior Grandmaster and Junior divisions, the top 3 event points count for the standings, and at least 1 event if minimum 3 must be played in the other half of the continent.

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