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News, 9/12/2013

Recap 2013

See the total EuroTour standings and bonus payouts here.

2013 was the year with the most big European tournaments ever. 11 EuroTours, 2 Majors and 1 very popular "old timer" (Stockholm Open) filled up the European calendar and hosted 1.255 players with a massive payout of more than 103.000 Euros!

The total standings were closer than ever, with ties for first places - if we look at the points - in both Women and Masters divisions. Also in Open division it was close a long time, until reigning European Champion, Simon Lizotte, took first place in his two last tournaments Finnish Open and Belgian Open.

The winners of this year's EuroTour were:
1. Simon Lizotte, Germany.
2. Nils Iso-Markku, Finland.
3. Maxime Tanghe, Belgium.

1. Sofie Sandström, Sweden (*).
2. Natalie Holloköi, Switzerland.
3. Henna Määttä, Finland.
(*) Points were tied, but Sofie won head-to-head in Dutch Open.

1. Christer Köhler, Sweden (*).
2. Jean-Louis Tanghe, Belgium.
3. Bert Brader, Netherlands.
(*) Points were tied, but Christer won by biggest margin head-to-head in French Open.

1. Olle Samuelsson, Sweden.
2. Seppo Kuikka, Finland.
3. Rodi Nordberg, Sweden.

Senior Grandmasters
1. Charlie Mead, United Kingdom.
2. Paul Kustala, Estonia.
3. Markku Tohni, Finland.

1. Gabrielius Gricius, Lithuania (*).
2. Niko Rättyä, Finland.
3. Pranciškus Gricius, Lithuania.
(*) Points were tied, but Gabrielus won by biggest margin in Vilnius Open.

1. Tauno Tõld, Estonia.
2. Chris Clausing, Netherlands.
3. Rait Konnov, Estonia.

After "the big bang" at European Open only a few players had room to play more than 1 tournament, and the last few events suffered a little from that, although played in nice weather and atmosphere in the Southern Europe.

Here are some visual reflections of the year:

-->> Various photos from

Dutch Open

Estonian Open

Latitude 64 Copenhagen Open - The Major

European Open

Italia Open

The 2014 calendar is almost done. Stay tuned.